Halachic Times

Halachic Times

Halachic Times

Halachic Prayer Times.

Times are calculated based on your location. An Internet connection is used to fetch your nearest address, otherwise the nearest country or time zone is used.

Daily times

  • Dawn
  • Earliest tallis and tefillin (misheyakir)
  • Sunrise
  • Latest shema
  • Latest morning prayers (shacharis)
  • Midday (chatzos hayom)
  • Earliest afternoon prayers (mincha gedola)
  • Afternoon prayers (mincha ketana)
  • Plug hamincha
  • Sunset
  • Twilight
  • Nightfall
  • Midnight (chatzos halayla)
  • Seasonal hour

Weekly times

  • Candle lighting (before sunset on Fridays; motzei Shabbat for chag)
  • Shabbat ends

Monthly times

  • Molad
  • Earliest kiddush levana
  • Latest kiddush levana

Annual times

  • Erev Pesach latest time to eat chametz (same as latest shacharis)
  • Erev Pesach latest time to burn chametz
  • Number of Channuka candles (before sunset on weekdays; motzei Shabbat)
  • Fast begins and ends
  • Sefirat haOmer
  • Festival ends

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